The fun of shadow and light . . . ;-)



Plenty of space for the shopping :)


To increase the exposure of my posts on Facebook, I have been advised the best option is to post via my official blog using the application RSS Graffiti.  This is good news, as for some time now I have been wanting to kick-start my own blog (which due to a variety of reasons, has not been very active of late).  In any case, this is a simple test post to see how things work-out.  Above are a couple of photos of me at one of my favourite outlets, which is located near to Bari.  The shots are from a complete series which is not recent, but which is a series that I really enjoyed shooting and in which I really like the play with shadow and light, which gives some mystery to the images.

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6 Responses to Posting to Facebook via RSS Graffiti

  1. James Bean says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. joey says:

    you are amazingly beautiful! Would love to see more of this series if possible! :)

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