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After Facebook having deleted my original Facebook page, my new page can be found HERE. Be sure to stop by …

Thanks and kisses to all,


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One Response to Official Facebook Page

  1. Dear Chu Chiao Wang, I am astonished at the fascist and unjust behaviour of FaceBook. It is beyond belief they would take down your page on account of a few innocent photos, while not taking action against many truely offensive pages. FaceBook is behaving in an arbitrary and discriminative way. From my point of view, your FB pages, website and Vimeo posts are very beautiful, tasteful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your awesome beauty and I encourage you to continue to bring happiness to others in this way. I hope you are not discouraged by this outrageous behaviour from FaceBook. The world is in need of beauty like your’s. I read your are working one two films. I look forward to seeing them! Best regards from your fan and supporter Anthony in Sydney, Australia.

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