I am a model and I eat well, because I believe dining is a big part of life.
Also I encourage my friends to find out what kind of food suit them the best.
Take myself for example, I can eat normal portion of nature and healthy food without any risk of gaining weight; however once I eat any artificial food and junk food the consequence will immediately reflect in my body.

I love cooking, it is my little adventure at home. I make variety of dishes from traditional Chinese cuisine, Italian style to classic French gourmet. Today I want to share my recipe of “Braised Pork Ballsin Soy Sauce” with you.

The suggested material:
Pork mice(with minimal 15% fat) 400g
Bamboo 10g
Spring onion 3g
Chinese leaf 1
Carrot 1
bread 1 piece
bean thread(glass noodle) 50g
Soy source
Black pepper
Sesame oil

Step 1:

Favor your pork mice with a spoon of soy source, few drops of sesame oil, a little black pepper.
Then mix the pork mice with finely cut bamboo,spring onion and broken bread. (Bread is here to absorb the source into the pork in the later stage) Mix it very well until the mice become a bit sticky and you can make it to meat balls.

Step 2:

Deep fried those meat balls until they looks golden outside.

Step 3:

Carefully put those fried meat balls into boiling water, don’t move it around or you might have broken ballsins 😛 add 2 spoons of soy source in to the water.

Step 4:

Quickly cook bean thread in hot water.
Cut the Chinese leaf, carrot and bean thread into the pot (on the top of ballsins). Put the lid on and continually cook for another 40 mins with medium fire.

Step 5:

Enjoy your Braised Pork Ballsin Soy Sauce with rice(my favorite)

I hope you understand my description, this is the first time I tried to write my recipe down plus the way I cook is very casual@@ And please fell free to ask me if you don’t understand.


Models …….please eat well…..like me!!

Love~ CC

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